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The Boot

The Boot

Somehow, everything in my life seems to come down to shoes in some way or another, metaphorically or literally speaking.

Within a few short weeks I went from giving TDH “the boot” as he called it…to both of us entertaining the idea of giving our relationship a reboot.

You can learn a lot from computers. If they are not working, pull the plug. Then…reboot!

Now, the question is if our relationship will work like a computer…which, quite honestly, remains to be seen. However, there may be an alternative on the horizon since it’s starting to appear that computers may be able to create the perfect man in AI.

I do realize that in reality there is no such thing as the perfect man. Just the perfect man for me. The question is…what does that look like? And that my friends, is the million-dollar question.

Meanwhile, as I reflect on my perfect A1, AI man, I’m bound for the perfect city for me! As I write this, I’m on a plane bound for Rome, Italy. Italy! Yes indeed! A long awaited, hard-earned vacation with my son coming just in time. Actually, it is more like a vacation/work trip since Garrett and I will be doing a fashion shoot in Milan as well.

It’s been 11 years since I last saw Rome, yet it remains one of my favorite cities in the world. A city where pasta does not count as carbs and gelato does not count as ice cream and in some miraculous way, I never seem to gain weight here!

Speaking of weight, I better not gain one pound since the seats on American Airline planes are so tight in economy that I can barely move. Poor Garrett can barely manage with his long legs. He actually just googled airplane seats shrinkage and it turns out they have made the seats 7” smaller in the last 30 years which does not coincide well with most people getting larger and seven hour flights. I long for the days when I worked as a designer for companies who flew me business class. Working in non-profit for the last 21 years has been exactly that…non-profit financially speaking. Still, I’m not going to complain because while I currently may not be sitting in first class, to complain at all about going to Rome at this point, is a first-class problem!

And speaking of miracles, while letting go of the idea of a perfect man would be a good start, another, would be for me to finally stop looking externally, outwardly, towards things beyond myself and one where I look totally and wholly inside myself…my In-vironment for contentment and peace, with or without a relationship.

For the next two weeks however, I will be forever grateful for having the best of all worlds inwardly and outwardly. Having time to reflect, time to shop, time to sip on a cappuccino with a good friend and time to soak in the beauty of this world.

And what better place than in a country that exists in shape of a boot. Of course.


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