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wake me when it's over

“Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakes.” Carl Jung


Watching all the protests lately of mostly young people not knowing who or what they are really supporting in terms of good and evil, and when confronted and asked if they understand what they are actually protesting for, many of them stand there somewhat dazed and confused, stuttering, or defiant, in their ignorance of history, reality and truth.


All this “wokeness” just makes me want to literally go to sleep. It’s a nightmare out there.


I’m all for taking the term woke and putting it back to sleep. Because quite honestly when I watch all these supposed “woke” people, I don't even know what that term means anymore. Or maybe, quite honestly, I never really did. I tend to be old fashioned and truthfully quite simplistic in my thinking. For me, living a decent human life, boils down to…treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. Period. That for me, is the goal in my waking hours, call it “woke” if you like.


Problem seems to me is that most people in general, are so messed up. And yes, I’m one to talk. I’ve been working through my inner mess-ness most of my life and continue to do so.


I think if people find it so important to label themselves “woke” or otherwise, I suggest maybe there is a way to get certified to do so.

For example, one must go to therapy for at least 10 years, or perhaps a 12-step program (it’s free and there are a zillion kinds to choose from) for same amount of time as well, get a handle on one’s inner workings. Know thyself is a good place to start.


And I’m talking ideally, for every single person on the planet. Stop and look inside. Do the work. Understand the why. What makes one think the way one thinks, feel the way one feels, believe the way one believes, behave the way one behaves. Not just follow along like sheep. Question everything. Question it all. What has anyone got to lose?


Own one’s own dark places and shadows. Understand how one is projecting those dark places onto others.


Learn about oneself, without the influence of family, friends and society pressuring to think or be or act a certain way that is supposedly the norm. Become a true individual.


Know ones’ own skills and talents. Use them to the best of one’s ability for the good of the world.


Any hoots, this is my own personal credence, what I strive for personally. Am I perfect? Far from. However, I’m not afraid to look at my own faults and own them. That’s a start. And yes, I’d be first in line to sign up for the “Decent Human Certificate.” I’d proudly hang it on my wall.




Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone were certified in being a decent, self-actualized human being. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone were thoughtful, caring, kind people? I wonder then if there would ever be such a thing as war.


You should know I’m writing this on Oct.100, 2023 with wars raging, propaganda, hate, ignorance ignited, and 135 innocent humans being held captive in the dungeons of hell.


I’m reminded of Anne Frank and her way of staring directly into pure evil and still having hope and believing in the goodness of people and the beauty of the world.


With that in mind, I think for now, I’ll take a nap.


Someone, wake me up when it’s over.

















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