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Kvetch in the City - Where it began

October 2021

This column was set to debut in March 2020 and then.

Then a tornado struck Nashville and the next thing I knew I was working from home for the first time in 17 years due to a world-wide pandemic. The city seemed like it was in shock and panic. I know I was.

All of a sudden, I was afraid to open my front door…as if the virus was standing outside waiting to come in…which inessence, it was and still is.

Seven months later I’ve regained my equilibrium somewhat, and a restored sense of humor, part-time, for now…and a feeling of hope…well…somewhat, considering California is on fire, racial injustice is in the forefront along with climate change and a divided nation with an election looming all topped by this sweeping pandemic.

The idea for this column was conceived, back in the old days, last fall, on a joust with my fellow Gordon JCC staffers. All of us had some far-fetched intention to exercise together a few times a week by walking around the neighborhood. And while that lasted maybe two weeks at best, on the first foray outing, while talking, it was suggested that I write a column about my dismal dating life which I was apparently constantly complaining about and call it Kvetch in the City. Everyone had a good laugh. Little did they know, the laugh would eventually be on them since the idea was hatched and now none of them can escape this newly crowned kvetch with a column. A classic reminder to be careful what you ask for.

Fast forward to today.

While in essence it seems there is more to cry then kvetch about, it occurred to me it might be a good idea to find some way to make sense of the world in the way I’ve always known how, which is to kvetch my way through things until I get to the other side, which is always, gratitude.

So, for now, for all intense and purposes, I accept the title my co-workers have crowned me, kvetch in the city.

Next month…disaster dating during a pandemic.


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