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Last night I discovered on facebook the unexpected and swift passing of a dear friend and someone I've known 1/2 my life. He played in my band when we all traveled to Europe...I wrote and recorded songs with him. We both ended up with a love of dogs...he as a dog as a dog painter. Life long friends. Jay was quirky and funny and sensitive and talented. I didn't see him as much as I would have I liked when I moved from NYC to Nashville but he was one of those friends that stuck and stayed true and sat quietly in a place in my heart. A heart that is now shocked and broken from the sudden loss. A tough reminder of life's brutality...never knowing when ones time is up...and a gentle reminder to love openly, deeply and purely. The photo below is from a few summers back, me and Jay on a hot summer day in 2015 sitting on a stoop with Beans on West 86th street catching up and staying good friends. Always in my dear friend and bandmate. A song that comes to mind is a song we always close with in yoga class..."May the long time sun shine upon you...all love surround you...and the pure light within your way your way your way on...RIP Jay Ward...I'll see ya again one day on that train you’re riding....

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