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I somehow unwittingly, or perhaps somewhat wittingly, backed myself into a corner. I dared to blurt out, in my last column, for all to see, my nerve induced surprise encounter at a holiday party meeting a tall, dark, handsome guy from Brooklyn, that right off the bat appeared to have the possibility of relationship potential. As a matter of fact, when I was at my Jewish gynecologist doctor’s office today and he asked me how I am, I replied, “If you’ve read my column along with the entire community, you probably know already!”

Now I feel the pressure of all eyes on me. And as expected, once last month’s paper hit the stands, immediately the heads started popping in my office door and inquiries starting coming, “Is he Jewish?” (no), “How’d you meet?” (re-read the column), “Is there sex after sixty?” (excuse me…this column is called Kvetch in the City, not Sex in the City.)

Now that the cat is out of the bag, let’s suffice it to say, so far so good…moving right along! Relationship beginnings can be all fun and games, fun games…hopefully. I certainly am not interested in the psychological type of games that scream red flag…or as my son and all his friends call them…situationships.

Speaking of games…actual games, like the board games I grew up with, I started to make the connection metaphorically how various periods in my life, past and present, can actually be summed up by the games I played growing up.

Let’s start with “Candy Land”. That would pretty much sum up my entire life. From my first dentist visit with 11 cavities at like five years old, going to my first weight watchers meeting with my mom at 16 years old (and a lifetime member since my twenties), I’d say Candy Land has basically ruined my teeth, my waistline, and continues to rule my life to this day. Though now it’s dark chocolate Godiva, not Hershey’s.

Then there’s “Risk.” Let’s just say while world domination, the motive of the game, is not necessarily my thing, I would definitely say I’ve been a risk taker and a somewhat courageous risk-taking person most of my life. While I’ve noticed I’ve become much less of one as I’ve gotten older, I noticed lately, I’d like to start rolling the dice a bit more and maybe take some chances, maybe not play it so safe, with the time I have left.

“Trivial Pursuit” was never a favorite board game of mine and metaphorically speaking, I’ve never been known to pursue anything trivial. I like to play big.

“Mouse Trap.” Oy! I have found myself caught like a mouse in a trap of my own making more times than I’d like to admit. I have always longed for a sense of freedom, a longing to travel the world, a life of being my own boss…which is a hard balance to achieve while loving stability, routine, and relationship to others.

“Monopoly.” Have you seen Nashville lately? I feel like living here in Nashville is like living on the Monopoly game board with all those plastic looking tall skinny’s, one after the other, popping up endlessly. And if I’m going to play Monopoly by living in Nashville, all I ask is for a few more of the $500 bills.

Oh, and then there’s “Operation.” The word operation is never one I considered a fun thought to have, unless of course it’s elective! I certainly was lucky my surgeon had a sure hand when removing my hip bone and not setting off the buzzer! Let’s hope that’s the last time that game will ever rule my waking life.

I think the one game that sums me up the best though is “Scrabble.” I’m always searching for the right words. Words with impact, effective words. Words that help make sense of my crazy monkey brain and make sense of this crazy world. Words that make a difference. Kind words, thoughtful words, true words. Words that are so powerful that when said change everything around you. Words that match up to action. Words that help make complicated things simple.

Of course, there is one word that does that every time. The word Love.

And when it comes to the game of love, I hope to someday come out a winner.

I’ll keep you posted!


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